To Be Continuous: A New Show About Continuous Delivery and Software Development

Recently, CircleCI Founder, Paul Biggar, joined forces with the Edith Harbaugh, CEO of LaunchDarkly to create To Be Continuous, a show about Continuous Delivery and software development. With four episodes well underway, the show covers a wide range of topics. You can follow the playlist on Soundcloud to be notified of new episodes, and to catch up with the first four while you’re waiting. Episode 1: In this first episode, Edith and Paul discuss why people are doing Continuous Delivery, … Continue reading

Introducing Our TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Winners

Last week the CircleCI Team was excited to sponsor the Tech Crunch Disrupt hackathon. We met a lot of awesome developers and it was great to be able to talk with them about testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. There were a lot of teams who tried out Circle for the first time, and a handful of folks who even used Circle in their hackathon entries. Being Circle advocates, we would love to see people using CI and CD at … Continue reading

Why we’re no longer using Core.typed

In September 2013 we blogged about why we’re supporting Typed Clojure, and you should too! Now, 2 years later, our engineering team has made a collective decision to stop using Typed Clojure (specifically the core.typed library). As part of this decision, we wanted to write a blog-post about our experience using core.typed. The reason that we decided to stop using core.typed was because we found that the cost of using it was greater than the benefit we gained. This is … Continue reading

Checkpoint and restore Docker container with CRIU

TL;DR: Simple demo of Docker checkpoint & restore Start a container $ export cid=$(docker run -d busybox tail -f /dev/null) Checkpoint the container $ docker checkpoint $cid 7cc692f22c11 It’s not running anymore $ docker ps –quiet No containers shown here Restore the container $ docker restore $cid 7cc692f22c11 It’s running again!! $ docker ps –quiet 7cc692f22c11 What is CR and CRIU? CR (checkpoint and restart) is a technology that saves the memory state of process into files and resume the … Continue reading

Beyond Base Images: The Expanding Utility of Docker Hub

          It has been a little a over a year now since CircleCI began providing first-class Docker support. Docker Hub was brand-new at the time, and as with any new piece of tech, there was uncertainty about how exactly it would be received and adopted. Way back in mid-2014, there were minimal serious production hosting options, and Docker Hub was mostly a handy way to download and share base images, and maybe save yourself the headache of needing a Fortran … Continue reading

Gearing up for Hackathon at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

The CircleCI team is gearing up for the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon the weekend of September 19-20. As a TCD Hackathon sponsor, CircleCI is sponsoring a custom contest. The CircleCI team will reward the team with their favorite demo with a $1000 Apple gift card. All you need to do to be eligible is create an account on CircleCI and perform at least one build. Make sure to include your team’s GitHub usernames with your project submission. You can build … Continue reading

Food, drink and containers for all!

Our Unofficial DockerCon After Party co-hosted with last week was a hit! The sold out event had plenty of drinks, food, t-shirts, and stickers for the many developers, customers and partners who decompressed after two DockerCon-filled days. CEOs Paul Biggar (CircleCI) and Chad Arimura ( welcomed guests with refreshingly brief talks and encouraged discussions of Docker containers as “the future“. Special thanks to Heavybit for hosting us in their beautiful SOMA offices, and to Maddie, Sarah, and the rest … Continue reading

Joel Test for Continuous Delivery

There’s a bit of a cottage industry forming around updating the Joel Test or producing more purpose-specific variations of it. If you’re not familiar with the Joel test, it’s Joel Spolsky’s “irresponsibly quick” way of measuring the quality of a development team. I find these fascinating to read, and wanted to contribute one in the latter category— a Joel Test specifically for continuous delivery (the practice of delivering software in short cycles that can be released at any time). I … Continue reading

It really is the future

Last week I wrote It’s the Future, a piece that satirized the container ecosystem, lightly mocking Docker and Google and CoreOS and a bunch of other technologies. Lots of Docker enthusiasts enjoying being the butt of the joke, but it was also much loved and shared by lots of people yelling “I told you this was all bullshit”. It’s very easy to see why people might think the container ecosystem is bullshit, in exactly the way I satirized. After all, … Continue reading

It’s The Future

Hey, my boss said to talk to you – I hear you know a lot about web apps? -Yeah, I’m more of a distributed systems guy now. I’m just back from ContainerCamp and Gluecon and I’m going to Dockercon next week. Really excited about the way the industry is moving – making everything simpler and more reliable. It’s the future! Cool. I’m just building a simple web app at the moment – a normal CRUD app using Rails, going to … Continue reading

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