Container Wars

The container wars have started! Containers have a huge amount of hype and momentum, and there are many spoils for whoever becomes dominant in the container ecosystem. The two major startups innovating in this space–CoreOS and Docker–have waged war on each other as part of gaining that control. The Current Landscape On Monday, CoreOS announced Tectonic. Tectonic is a full solution for running containers, including CoreOS as the host OS, Docker or rkt as the container format, and Kubernetes for … Continue reading

Announcing Automatic Test Balancing

Tl;DR: Instead of naively splitting tests among build containers, CircleCI now divides tests intelligently based on execution time. Status quo on CircleCI For years, CircleCI has enabled fast execution of large test suites by splitting tests evenly across many build containers (LXC containers under the hood–the same kind of lightweight containerization as Docker uses). While we have always provided the option to set up parallel actions by manually specifying what should happen on each container, the simplest way to use … Continue reading

Announcing Detailed Test Failure Reporting

TL;DR: CircleCI now tells you exactly which tests failed in our web UI, email notifications, and chat integrations. CircleCI was founded on the promise of making testing less of a pain for developers, and today we’re announcing a big step forward in delivering on that promise. Most of us are used to learning of a failure on CI being the beginning of a little hunting session. We get an email or a chat message that says a build failed, and … Continue reading

Testing ClojureScript code with clojurescript.test and Karma

At CircleCI, we’ve got a lot of tests. We build a product that’s fundamental to the workflow of developers across the world, so we try hard to validate that what goes into production is well tested. Historically, we’ve tested our frontend entirely through Webdriver tests, but with our transition to using ClojureScript for our UI, we took some time to reevaluate how to best test our new code. As great as Webdriver is when it comes to automating browser interactions, … Continue reading

We’re Hiring!

Interested in joining us at CircleCI? We’re currently expanding our team with a few specific roles: Support Engineer Are you empathetic to developers and love to problem-solve? We’d love to talk if you: Have a strong familiarity with a broad spectrum of technology stacks, including Rails, Python, PHP, Node, Java, and others. Have the ability to dive into a codebase easily to discover issues. Have a customer-centric and diplomatic writing style: you’ll be helping customers from a wide range of … Continue reading

New Stickers and CircleCI Shirts

CircleCI swag just got better! We’ve just received a fresh new set of sticker styles and new CircleCI t-shirts. Want your own? Email with your t-shirt size (we have both men’s and women’s shirts, so make sure you note which style you want, too) and address and we’ll send them your way. Don’t forget, you can now use CircleCI to test your mobile apps and oss projects, too!

Announcing the Launch of iOS and Android Support on CircleCI

Our customers have been demanding mobile app testing and deployment support for a while now, and today we’ve done something about it. We acquired Distiller, a company focused on iOS testing and deployment—our first acquisition! We’ve incorporated their technology and expertise into CircleCI, and now you can use it to test your mobile apps! Why are we doing mobile? And why with Distiller? Bugs in mobile apps are devastating. Bugs in web apps are no picnic, but at least you … Continue reading

Developers Matter: New Relic IPOs

New Relic IPOd this morning, making it the first IPO for a Ruby Gem. About 3 years ago, nobody believed you could make money selling developer tools. In 2011, a very well known investor said, when talking about CircleCI, “it’s hard for startups to make a lot of money making developer tools.” After 3 years, it’s still a relatively common attitude amongst investors. The attitude was so common that when the first big sale in the space came – Heroku’s … Continue reading

One Bug is Boring

Like most programmers, I spend a fair amount of time chasing down and repairing bugs. A lot of bugfixing is about as fun as whack-a-mole: a bug pops up, you mash it with the mallet, you wait for the next one. There’s some satisfaction from whacking those little brown lumps… I guess… but the game never seems to end! I think this is what people fear when they think of maintenance programming: it’s like a game of whack-a-mole… forever. From … Continue reading

Continuous Integration and Deployment on CircleCI just got better: now it’s free.

Continuous Integration and Delivery are best practices for software development, and are part of CircleCI’s mission: to help developers move faster and ship faster. Until now, using CI/CD outside of work has been difficult: using CircleCI costs money, and using a legacy tool like Jenkins could take significant time to set up. Because we want everybody in the world to use CI/CD best practices, and to ship better code faster, we’ve made CircleCI free. Who Benefits? We’ve had countless inquiries … Continue reading

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